Friday, June 22, 2012


Tomorrow morning -- early-- is MOVING DAY!   We'll be packing up our U-Haul with all the beds and bedroom furniture and OFFICIALLY start living at our new house!  Yay!
This picture is from the "floor version" of the town but since all the Lego are in boxes I have only "archival" pictures to choose from!   The new house is about 12 miles from the old one, so moving shouldn't take too long.  We're hoping to have lunch at the new house before/during the unloading.
Naturally that means there is going to be more time spent at the new house and that means we'll be able to start unpacking the Lego soon.   So look for new updates and videos to start appearing as the Summer goes on--  but FIRST, we have to get our old house prepared for sale.  We'll start the final cleaning and other preparations this weekend and hopefully someone will want to buy it when we list THIS WEEK.  At least.... that is goal...   Here's hoping!

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  1. When will you be done?

  2. Never! Ha.... only feels like it.
    We're starting major renovations to the main living space and will be rebuilding the Legotown in whatever time is leftover. In the meantime I've been collecting more sets and goodies so when the town goes public again it'll have lots of new stuff! Which reminds me.... I owe you guys a blog post....

  3. I Just Love Lego Town. My Dad Has Been Collecting Lego System Sets back then!


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