Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fire Truck Wash Day

Wandered downstairs one day this Summer and looked around Bricksburgh to see what kind of setups Tyler had made.  I ran across this nice vignette of the firefighters washing one of the engines, so I got out our light (aka "Mr. Sun") and snapped a few pictures.
 My goal with the light was to recreate the sensation of a bright-- nearly harsh-- dazzling sunny Summer day.  Not sure what these guys would be washing a truck with their helmets still on...  but check out the rest of the pictures!
Our Fire Department is built around Lego set# 6382 which consists of the fire station itself plus the fire engines seen in these pictures.  The department in total is much bigger than that, obviously, given Lego's fondness for making firefighter based sets!  We're overdue for an updated tour of the department as a whole, especially since adding specialized equipment to the airport and space shuttle facilities.... but that's for another time.
They obviously had to drive the truck out of the garage to wash it, so I thought I'd take a picture from inside the empty garage bay.  This set is one of the first-- maybe THE first? -- to have the modern roll-up garage doors.  Admittedly, they look a lot better than they work.  They are quite prone to getting horribly stuck and then the pieces separate.  Not very playable... but they still look cool.
I like how Tyler set up the brooms to be cleaning supplies.  They all working the brooms except for one guy who is running a fire hose.  The temptation to stray his colleagues must be very hard to resist!   Other details you can see in these pictures are the updated emergency lights (from the original set).  We added rear blue lights to the ladder turntable and "modernized" the main roof lights into the sloped variety.

To see our complete fleet of fire vehicles check out our Fire Department 2011 Tour:
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