Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garage Sale Soccer

Garage sales are a GREAT place to find Lego.   Unfortunately, that's not a very good secret.   Last time our neighborhood had a large garage sale I discovered I was following a grandmotherly type around who was SPECIFICALLY asking about and looking for Lego.   To get the good stuff, I'd have the leapfrog her a couple houses... but in the end, there were no Lego to be had anywhere.  However, the year before we had made a big find, LEGO SOCCER!   It's like having a fussball table without the table.

Of course, being a garage sale find, we had all the pieces (amazingly!) but none of the instructions.  Easy fix.  Just head your computer over to and you'll find all the instructions you ever need.   We quickly located the exact set we'd found (I think the garage sale price was like $10) and the kids started building out the soccer stadium.
It took a while to get the hang of how the ball moved and the spring motion of the players, but by dinner time we were playing Lego soccer-- the whole family-- in a big tournament.  The set plays really well!  We soon had fast paced games going on with the balls bouncing all over the field and reaction times getting tested.
I don't think the Lego soccer sets ever really caught on.  It's a shame though, because they are really a lot of to play with.   When the players aren't on the field they can be found all over Legotown wandering from store to store, laying on the beach, and just generally adding to the general population of town.   We've also had the traditional town rivalries (like firemen and policemen) sort out their differences on the soccer field.   It's a great set... if you find one for cheap, BUY IT!

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