Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lego Table Update - All A Board?

After a lot of planning, figuring, and waiting for the weather to get nicer... or at least STOP SNOWING, we finally were able to pick up the necessary lumber to make our new Lego tables with.
Of course, getting all the wood home was the easy part... and just the beginning.

The receipt totalled up just shy of $300 for everything except the wheels (which we haven't bought yet) and the stain/sealer (which we haven't picked out yet).  The hardware store was very helpful in cutting the large plywood sheets down into the pieces we needed.  A panel saw beats a table saw, hands down, every time.
 Tyler is finally big enough he can really help with moving the larger boards around the house for various projects... or a bunch of small ones, as the case may be (these are the edging pieces for the plywood tops).
Once the lumber was all carried down into the workshop we were able to assess which pieces would be cut to make the final dimensions.  In this picture you can see the 4 shelves are already cut and ready for assembly.  The other boards are still in a pile waiting to be sorted and cut to size.   In the background you can see the temporary "project table" we used to make our new police station video.  I've since had to tear that down and relocate everything because the workshop was getting crowded!
Just like we showed you in the post about our plans, here are the notched table legs being made.  At the time I took this picture there were only 6 completed of the 8 total.   Cutting all those notches did add another expense to the project-- $40 in new saw blades!  At least we'll be ready for the next project now.

The progress on the table is going well.  We'll keep updating the blog as we hit some more of the "milestones" in construction.   Of course, as always, we welcome your comments and continued support and we look forward to posting some new videos as soon as the tables are complete!

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