Friday, February 22, 2013

Lego Table Update - Taking Shape!

Our new tables are finally getting assembled!  
Sophie - aka "Catzilla" - was my foreman this morning as the tables were built.  There's still a lot of work to do, but check out our progress!

Earlier in the month we picked up the lumber and cut everything to size.  Since then, each board has been prepped for pocket screws and sanded.  We also built the 4 support frames that will hold each level of the tables and notched the leg posts to hold those frames.
This is the first test fitting of the frames to the table legs.  The tables-- even just clamped together-- are already a lot sturdier than the old table was! 
Seen a little closer, you'll notice how the frames fit into the notches.  The plywood tops will be fastened to these frames from below using the pocket screw holes you can see here.
Tyler and Mia will soon be done playing Lego on the floor!  
With the first table loosely screwed together and I noticed that Sophie was watching every move I made as I built the frame up for the second table.
About halfway through the assembly of the second table frame.
Before I cut the first lower level, I thought I'd show you how wide each level will be.  Three road plates will fit on each level EXACTLY, once their finished edge pieces are attached.  The tables will hold about 7 1/2 plates lengthwise.   The middle plates of each level and each side will be "open roads" so that we can change up the configuration of the town just be rotating or swapping the tables around.

Both lower levels are now cut and (notched around the legs) and screwed down.
Our first look at how big the two tables will be!  That is a tremendous increase in buildable space for Bricksburgh to expand into.  Now we REALLY need to get wheels-- the tables do not move on carpet without them!  
Here they are so far!  We're still probably 1-2 weeks from being able to set up the town on them, however.  While each of the boards were sanded before final assembly, the shelves themselves were not-- they'll get sanded after all the edging is glued and nailed on.  Eight wheels will make their way onto the eight table legs and we'll stain and seal the whole combination right after that.  I haven't decided yet whether or not we'll install lights under the top levels (like the old table had).  
More updates will post as construction continues and, in between those, we'll try and post some more Lego MOCs and designs to keep things interesting.  

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