Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lego Table Update - Final Assembly

The tables are assembled!
That's right, all the parts are in place and we're just one final sanding away from putting a finish on them.  Check out them out!

Here they are!  
This "overhead" view gives you a good perspective on how their size translates into Lego "real estate".  
 Like I wrote before, each level is 3 road plates wide by 7 plates long-- though I will have to slightly notch a couple of the legs on the lower level to have clearance to get the last plates in (apparently I measured too precisely and didn't allow for variations due to sanding, etc.)
 The ability to reconfigure the tables will be a big help in making our movies more interesting (as the town can easily be made to look like different places), as well as giving us more flexibility for doing "events" like car races, for instance.   These are 3" wheels I ordered online (about $3.25 each) with soft rubber outer layers that won't harm the engineered wood floor we are planning to install in the game room... soon I hope.
I just finished putting the edges on this morning.  They really finish off the look of the tables and separate them from "work bench style" ... though they are not exactly "furniture grade".  Still, the overall effect is pretty nice.   I haven't decided whether or not I'll bother filling the holes. 
 Another wide look at both tables.  That little building off to the left corner is the bank building we purchased recently-- gives you a little scale.  The legs are slightly more reddish-- just the raw lumber-- but I'm not sure why.  I hope the staining process evens that out a little bit.
Speaking of staining, we're still trying to decide what color to go with.  These are two little mock ups I made, using all the various types of lumber/plywood, to see how much the color would even out.  They were both done with some extra "cherry" stain that I had from a previous project-- the one on the left was done without the pre-stain conditioner, which is why it is so mottled and darker.   We've all pretty much decided that we want to get something lighter and more natural and browner.

So.... we're probably another week or so away from having the tables done and rebuilding the town.  We just need to find a stain we like!   I figure it'll take another 3 days-- at least-- to go through the stain and clearcoats, plus a day for the final dry.

But we're getting closer!

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