Thursday, August 8, 2013

Storm Trooper Vacation

Summer vacation is almost over here (in some places it already is!).  Kids will be heading back to school and Bricksburgh will take a backseat to homework and activities-- but we'll still be posting, don't worry.
As we ponder the return to "normal" we consider what would happen....  if Storm Troopers wanted a day of vacation at the beach?  We'll make a movie of that someday, but in the meantime....  what if?
Storm Troopers don't exactly fly into town, so we'll just assume they "car pooled".
Here's our beach bums walking through town looking for some sand.   They seem a little heavily armed for what is supposed to be a relaxing trip.
I should say, MOST of them seem heavily armed.   The Trooper on the middle left is carrying a shovel.  A shovel?!  It's for making sand castles, of course.
Well, that's a lot of walking around town.... but why aren't the Storm Troopers actually GOING ON THE BEACH?!
Oh.  That's why.   When Yoda takes a vacation, he makes sure the FORCE comes with him!

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