Saturday, October 26, 2013

Air Superiority

Every big city needs an aerial unit in their police department.  Bricksburgh isn't THAT big, but given Lego's enthusiasm for creating police sets our citizen:cop ratio is pretty high!  How do the police keep Bricksburgh citizens safe?  With their "eye in the sky" police helicopter, of course.  Last year we showed you some of the design in our post called:  "Rule the Air" and in the video below.
This year... we're showing you how to BUILD it.   Click on through!

Due to time constraints I'm afraid there are no still pictures for this build-- but I don't think you really need them.  The video here is pretty detailed and even shows some alterations you can make if you are lacking some of the more specialized pieces.
I think more improvements will be coming to the helicopter (swiveling flood lights, for example) but overall we're very happy with how it turned out.  Much more powerful and packed with more capabilities than the Lego design, it is a big upgrade that will protect and serve Bricksburgh's people for years to come--  Build your own!

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