Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just Add Water

Filling in the gaps around Bricksburgh can be as simple/cheap or as hard/expensive as we wanted to make it.  Luckily, there are some easy ways to make your island "pop" without going the hard/expensive route.
Certainly this is one of them... but actually there is an even better way.
Blue construction paper is a "trick" we used before when Bricksburgh first relocated onto the first table top.  Those papers have LONG since turned into faded out disasters.  I think some of them were approaching white!  So this time we used new sheets.  These are actually no construction paper but are card stock.  You might have noticed in the videos on YouTube that the construction paper on the old table would curl on the corners-- and no, that's not a convincing "wave" look.
The bright card stock is a little heavier and that should help it stay flat.  It's also a lighter shade of blue, in keeping with the more resort/tropical look of this version of Bricksburgh.  The Marina, for instance, is a lot more colorful than the old harbor. 

Now I said there was an even better way to make waves in your Lego town.  Obviously you could just get blue plates-- but in an area like our Marina, that would be very  hard (and expensive) to do.  No, no...   the best idea I've ever seen for a Lego ocean is to use... <drumroll>...   pieces of an old blue tarp!!  

That's right, a TARP.   Think about it for a moment; you get that nice blue color and it's reflective.  Also the tarp is cheap, easily cut, durable, and you can use a little tape on the backside to make some "permanent" waves.   Want to have a surfing competition?  Can't do that with card stock!

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