Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Snack Attack

There comes a time in every beach vacationer's day when the stomach rumbles.   For some of you this time comes VERY frequently-- looking at YOU teenagers-- and every beach needs a place for some snacks.
When Tyler Beach was originally built the Snack Bar was an "anchor store" located on one end of the boardwalk.  With the expansion of the boardwalk, the addition of the hotel and now the addition of the Surf Shop, the Snack Bar has been relocated to the middle of the boardwalk.

We've always called it the "Snack Bar" but in the official Lego lingo you'll find it is called a "Hamburger Stand".  A relatively old set-- Click HERE for instructions-- our Snack Bar has been a fixture of town since my very early years with Lego.  It is actually one of the oldest sets that we have and we've had it since it was new, over 30 years ago!  

I'm sure Lego designed the set with visions of it being a roadside stand of sorts, but it really fits better on the boardwalk in our town.  The walk-up counter is like many eateries you'll find, literally, catering to tourists.  There wasn't much sense in expanding the building itself given the boardwalk location.  We have more formal restaurants in town already and the hotel at the end of the boardwalk has a full service Cafe already.  
We did want to expand the size/influence of the Snack Bar somewhat, so that it wasn't just "plopped" on the edge of the street facing the wrong way.   The Snack Bar sits on the same elevated platform that the boardwalk does, further separating it from the streetside and is, obviously, turned toward the boardwalk.  All customers have to walk in from the boardwalk itself (though there is parking next to it on the street level).

Fences provide some safety and separation from the various skateboarders and pedestrians.  While there are no sit-down tables, you can at least stand and enjoy your food without being hit or jostled by people passing by.   
Not sure what is up with this woman's hair.... but she's enjoying the new ice cream/iced treats selection the Snack Bar now offers.

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