Thursday, June 12, 2014

Well, HERE'S an Idea!

With Father's Day looming on the calendar you might be finding yourself wondering.... "Hey, WHAT am I going to get dear old Dad??"

Lucky for you, here at Bricksburgh, we have a GREAT Lego idea to pass along.   Consider it "open source" just like Tesla's patents.  (H/T to Mr. Musk!)

So what is it?   Glad you asked....

Tyler actually came up with this idea for Mother's Day.  I'm not sure that it has actually survived... but fortunately I have a picture!   Basically you're just going to need a sturdy base and the rest is really up to your own design ideas.  The "D" in "Dad" is going to look a lot like a chopped off "O" and the "A" is really just half an "M" so it'll work out easily enough.
This build was used for probably a week or more as a centerpiece on our dining room table (where it is pictured here) before moving to the window sill by her desk.  I think the cat knocked it off a few times there and I'm not sure it is still intact after being assaulted by Catzilla.

A clever component of this gift was the minifig standing in the middle.  It was made to look as close as possible to Tyler's Mom.   After the build was relocated from the table, I believe the minifig made its way down to Bricksburgh and she "moved in" to a nice beachfront condo.

What could be a cooler legacy to a gift than to let your old man move into your Lego town?  

Here's wishing all the other Dads out there a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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