Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sophie has a long history or causing destruction and mayhem in the town.  If we're truthful about it, she generally likes to just be close to us and watch what we're working on.  She will carefully and gingerly step around the crowded streets and not cause any REAL damage....  But what fun is THAT?!?
So naturally we created the CATZILLA character for her to play.. and since the internet didn't already have enough cat pictures on it, here is a MEGA collection of Sophie's greatest destructive moments!
Oh, before I forget-- there are some great videos of CATZILLA on our YouTube channel as well.  You can find the link at the bottom of the page.

Going for a walk in the neighborhood.
She prefers to sleep on the streets.  I think the lugs bother her.. but can a cement mixer pillow really be comfortable??
Inspecting old office building in the harbor.
Crawling around the office building and scaring the city traffic.
"Hmm... I wonder what is down that street..."
"STOP!  This is the police."
Totally not impressed with local law enforcement.
"We have you surrounded!"
Catzilla lashes out at a taxi, causing it to explode.
Citizens flee the angry giant cat.
A truck can't stop in time.
Catzilla becomes bored with this part of town...
...and walks around to see what else is going on.
The street is littered with damaged vehicles from Catzilla's rampage.
The local news chopper is in the air with the weirdest traffic report ever.
One commuter manages to escape Catzilla.  Sadly, another does not.
Police gather to confront the giant cat again.
Catzilla attackes a police car that got too close!
Officers try to block Catzilla in.
But Catzilla captures an officer and drags him closer.
Other officers can only watch helplessly as their comrade is pinned beneath Catzilla.
Catzilla seems to challenge other officers to get "too close."
A city bus is knocked over by Catzilla's powerful tail.
People scramble out of the bus as fast as they can.
A police officer drops his coffee to attack Catzilla.
Police officers try to defend the police station but they are no match for Catzilla!
The police try to force her to move away by landing their helicopter on her.
Catzilla does not WANT to be a helicopter pad.
She attacks the helicopter and sends it tumbling off her.
The pilot can only hold on and hope to survive!
The helicopter catches fire as it crashes down... but Catzilla does move away.
She finds another street to terrorize!
Those little people look delicious!
Catzilla walks through the town.
Burning cars and scared civilians lie in her wake.
Finally she finds a quiet place to lay down... the airport.
Airport workers attempt to get Catzilla's attention.
Like her smaller cats, Catzilla is not impressed by humans talking to her.
Airport workers do everything they can to get her to listen to them.
Meanwhile, another airplane explodes after being swatted by her huge tail.
As the airport workers get more desperate, Catzilla gets more sleepy.
Finally the airport workers try their hardest to get Catzilla's attention.
Catzilla decides instead to get the airport workers' attention.
They run away for their lives!
Catzilla is still lounging at the airport in this "behind the scenes" picture.
A news reporter tries to warn viewers to stay away from downtown!
Another news crew arrives to get Catzilla on camera.
Catzilla has no need for good reports.

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