Monday, June 16, 2014

Head Up in the Clouds

We thought a new perspective on Bricksburgh might be in order...  so we decided to take flight!

Nothing too fancy here.. just some snapshots of the helicopters over town.   We have some ideas for movies later and wanted to see what sort of perspective we could get using the camera lenses that we have.  These are just *some* of the test pictures.
Not quite enough of the helicopter body visible here... and WAY too much of the Fussball table (on the right).
This looks a little better-- but what you don't see is how the tail disconnected and plummeted the fuselage into the city streets below right after I took this picture.
The news chopper is my favorite-- but it is really hard to get that camera to point downward.  Need to develop a new mount of some kind.
A vintage fire helicopter.  Originally it had rounded foam tanks on the back but I modified it to have a more finished looking rear section.  You can see the original design HERE on Peeron.
And here's the police helicopter that we featured in our earlier post.  No passengers or gun slinging cops hanging out the side windows this time!

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