Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Checking In?

For many tourists, the City Hotel is the first place they go after flying into Bricksburgh-- or coming by boat.  The City Hotel has plenty of rooms available, a great location, and wonderful amenities.
If you're ready to check in at the front desk, then click on through and we'll show you around the hotel in more detail!
Once the largest building in town, the hotel has 4 rooms available for guests.  Each of the upper two floors have two rooms each and the beds can be moved around to accommodate different guests' needs.
City-side rooms have large windows with great views and a desk.
Beach-side rooms also have large windows but they also have a wonderful balcony that overlooks the beach and boardwalk areas.  These rooms cost a little bit more.
Across from the front desk and lobby on the ground floor is the kitchen for the Cafe.  There is also covered seating under the 1st floor balcony.
Full service is offered at all of the Cafe's tables whether they be inside or out on the beach itself.

If you want to know more about the City Hotel, you can read about it's history by CLICKING HERE.  Or you can see a more in depth video tour:

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