Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keeping the Lights On For Ya

Every now and then the traffic light bulbs burn out.  We've already seen the unsafe way to work on them, but today's post will give you an idea how to do it properly...
...despite the less than ideal pictures.

The truck that is ideal for this job is the Utility Repair Lift, set 6671.  I'm not really sure what Lego developed this set, to be honest, because at the time it was released there were no traffic lights or street lights common to the town sets.  What EXACTLY this truck was supposed to be doing is very unclear.

Fortunately, however, in Bricksburgh we have lots of uses for this kind of truck.  You can regularly see it around town doing jobs just like this one.   Other uses are working on streetlights, under bridges or cable trays (like between the TV station and it's receiver/transmitters), construction work, or maintenance on the Speedway Complex scoreboard.  It's a very versatile rig.
Today's post shows how it is used to replace or repair traffic lights.  The truck comes with its own barricades and signage so only one police officer is needed to control and reroute traffic around the work zone.  Often times even that level of police help isn't needed because the truck can move far enough off the road to be out of the way--  though this is rare with traffic light work because of the intersection traffic losing the signal while it is being worked on.

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