Monday, November 21, 2016

Office Tower Grows Up and Up

Years ago, it was decided that the people of Bricksburgh couldn't all be expected to spend their days working as firefighters and police officers (which seem to the majority of Lego careers), so we built an office building for them to work in.
That original office building has since grown.  And grown.  And now it has grown again!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Twitting about with Tweeter

Hello fans!  You can find us on Twitter now too:  We'll be able to give you more updates and content-- FASTER-- if you follow our account there.

New Police Car & Community Day

This post is a bit of a throwback.  The pictures were taken probably about 2005 or 2006-- but that's the great thing about Lego: they don't really age.  It was fairly early in the Renaissance of Lego, as Tyler was just beginning his journey and I was rediscovering my love of building.  
There was to be a new police car in town but, using our imaginations, we couldn't just "plop" it in town... it had to be shipping in, of course!