Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Skate / Bike Shop Construction

Sold as part of Lego set# 7641, the Bike Shop was originally built far from the beach.  We've since expanded it and relocated it on the new tables into some prime beachfront property, as you can see in our earlier post "Boardwalk Changes".
Ah, but that is now... this is THEN.   When the Bike Shop was first built, it went up very slowly as Tyler posed the vignettes of the construction site.  Click on through to see the details and the special equipment we built to get the job done.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fire Truck Wash Day

Wandered downstairs one day this Summer and looked around Bricksburgh to see what kind of setups Tyler had made.  I ran across this nice vignette of the firefighters washing one of the engines, so I got out our light (aka "Mr. Sun") and snapped a few pictures.
 My goal with the light was to recreate the sensation of a bright-- nearly harsh-- dazzling sunny Summer day.  Not sure what these guys would be washing a truck with their helmets still on...  but check out the rest of the pictures!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Onward & Upward

Summer is officially over.  Sorry.   We're all getting back to normal and settling in for a new school year.  The plan is for Tyler to start taking over more blogging duties but we're still working out how to find the time for that to happen.  In the meantime, I'll still be here-- and we'll continue to upload to YouTube as time and projects permit.
Since we're getting our blogging feet back under us after a nice long Summer, I thought we'd post a few pictures sort of along those lines.