Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upside Down

More progress toward a new house.  The inspection went well and we are continuing to move forward.  Every move throws your world into the blender though, so today I thought I'd show you a creation Tyler made that fit that theme.  It's an armored car that was built.... upside down!
I'm not really sure where he got the idea from-- but it doesn't really matter.  I discovered this in his room and when I questioned him about it, he showed me all the clever techniques he used to make it.  I was pretty impressed!
This flat sides are what give it that "armored truck" look and the overall effect is more like a vehicle a police SWAT team would use as opposed to a bank.  There's a large bumper on the front (made from a fender piece) and spotlights that can be pointed around from inside.  The multiple windshield pieces complete the heavy duty look.  
Hard to see in these pictures, but this vehicle is not going to set any speed records.  There are no conventional wheels and tires (too easy to be shot flat!) but rather an array of steering wheels-- remember everything is upside down-- that let it roll along.  It is unstoppable as long as there are no big bumps!
The only access to the inside is through a large rear hatch. 
Inside is a large steering wheel and a gear shift lever.  There is only room for one Lego minifig.
One interesting detail that Tyler made was that the entire control column (wheel and gear lever) are on a hinge so they can be tilted up and down.  When tilted up there is more room inside for the person to get their combat gear on.
All in all this was a pretty sinister and cool looking vehicle.  It has not survived in town, but it does live on in these pictures!  

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