Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Update

We're moving!   No, no.... not the blog or the YouTube channel-- US!   We'll soon be dismantling the town and packing it all into boxes for the quick trip to the new house.  
 Closing is this week and we'll make the actual move next month...  which means we'll be using "archival" Lego pictures until we get set up in the new place.  We'll mix those posts in with updates on the moving of the town itself too.  There's also a chance the Lego table might be available for sale---  anyone interested?  

Emphasis is on MIGHT.  I'm not sure if we'll part with it yet or not....   it all depends on where it ends up in the new house and if that space is sized properly.  I'm thinking we might make a new table that is longer and narrower and with an additional level.
If you're a follower of ours (either here or on YouTube) you might have noticed a big drop in posts too.  Obviously that is mostly due to the house hunting and moving preparations, but also it is due to a drop in revenue.  Let's be clear-- there are ads on these pages and on the videos and Google cuts us in for a few pennies now and then.  However, they recently changed their calculations and how they promote content and our little checks turned into teeny tiny checks overnight.   While we don't do this solely FOR the money (but rather our love of Lego and sharing our creations) we can't be honest with ourselves if we don't admit that earning money is a big motivator when it comes around to finding the TIME to make new content, blog posts, pictures, and videos.   Without that motivation (and with everything else going on around here!) we've been pretty UNmotivated lately.  So-- if you want to encourage us to make more stuff for you to see, click some ads!  <ha>

Oh... the pictures...   Those are just random.   I thought you'd like something to liven up the sea of words that covers your screen.   We do think our new garage is built better than this one.

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  1. Please Give Us A Tutorial of the house on Youtube!


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