Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of an Era-- Beginning of a NEW Era Soon!

Legotown -- as it was -- is no more.

Fire Station was here.

Moving update video is coming soon, maybe this week if I can find the spare minutes.  The Legotown and it's table were all dismantled over the weekend and have already been moved to the new house.   Not sure when they'll get set up again (which I'll explain in the video) but here are some pictures of the dismantling.
First bin getting full of stuff.
Former site of the Police Station.

Bike Shop, Techman Building, etc...  all packed.

Sophie found the process quite interesting -- but she was a little annoyed she couldn't lay on the table itself.

It looks like a mess, but mostly the buildings are still assembled so reconstructing the town shouldn't be too difficult.

Traffic reports are a lot easier for the remaining TV staff.
 Most likely the table will not be reused as it was before...  it'll get modified into a narrower, longer shape and with 3 levels (that's the plan at the moment).  You'll see why when I get the video posted.   Which reminds me:   THANK YOU for watching our videos!  We crested 2 MILLION video views on our YouTube channel this month and we can't thank you enough for taking the time to share our town with us.   We look forward to showing you the new and improved Bricksburgh as we get it set up again.
Where there was once a beach... now there is just plywood.

Neighborhood in a box!

Our supervisor, Sophie, has moved to the lower level for her inspections.

Hard to believe, but most of the town fits in just  2 storage bins.

Empty table.  You can see a little better now how it was constructed.

I almost forgot to remove the lights before taking the table apart.

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