Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Banana Luxury Apartments

Well, okay we're not really going to call it that... But the newest building in Bricksburgh DOES have a yellow outside and a white middle.   With the exception of the hotel at the other end of the boardwalk, this new building is the only residence in town that is truly "walk out" beachfront property.
 Read on to find out more about it!
We don't get a lot of comments on the blog, but here is your chance.  Read the rest of the post, consider our town's "character" and give us your suggestions for what we should call this prominent new structure on the Bricksburgh skyline-- we certainly don't want it to be the "Banana Building" forever!
We're still developing the beachfront, but the building is very nearly complete in this pictures.  The only thing missing are the patio lights (yellow 1x1 bricks) that have been put under the white tiles by the ground floor windows.  The building is also completely vacant inside.  The plan is to make it a 2-unit luxury apartment building with each unit consisting of 2 floors.  The first floor walks out to the beach and has those huge curved windows while the second floor features a balcony and a higher view.
Here you can see the relationship it has to our other beachfront apartment/condo building.  Come to think of it... we never officially named THAT building either!  C'mon-- send us your suggestions!
The new building also is built right on the marina waterfront.  Each floor has a small window on that side of the building (because the dry dock isn't THAT scenic... but we thought the residents might still like to check out what's going on there now and then).  Originally, the marina side of the building had no windows but that looked too industrial and the yellow wall was a bit overpowering.  The small windows bring it back into scale.
The view from the upper unit's balcony is superb-- looking all the way down the beachfront road and boardwalk to the hotel.   You can also see from this picture how we tried very hard to keep the white sections of the building consistent all the way up to the room.  On the balcony side the white bricks don't continue to the ground floor because we wanted to give the units a little more separation on that side-- which the balcony also helps accomplish.

We haven't made an updated video since this apartment building was completed, but you can see an earlier version of it in the prototype stage in our last video (note that we abandoned the "tapering" side walls):
One last reminder-- Send us those name suggestions!

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  1. name it Tyler Beachfront Luxury Apartments.
    I think that could help :)


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