Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tyler Beach People

This is my first post, so it seems appropriate it would feature Tyler Beach!
Tyler Beach is the perfect place for people to spend their afternoon. They can eat at the snack bar, take a dip in the Bricklantic Ocean, or just walk around on the boardwalk.
The boardwalk area is one of the first parts of Bricksburgh to be rebuilt.  Come take a look!
One guy looks mighty proud of himself with his finished sand castle as the man with the camera snaps a picture. The not so happy man buried in the sand seems to waiting to be dug up.
The beach is also the perfect place to play ball. These two guys take advantage this oppritunity to play with their basketball.  Are there no Lego beach balls??
This lady is chillin' under her umbrella, not realizing that she is the only one who wants to hear the Jessica Simpson music being blasted out of her boombox.
This guy spends his time playing fetch with his dog in the sand. (Tyler Beach doesn't have rules about people bringing their dogs to the beach.)
Being a Jedi master is hard work, so on the weekends Yoda relaxes at the beach to unwind.

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