Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Land Rovering

Tyler is away at Boy Scout Camp, but we wanted to get a video up before (or shortly after) he left.  The town is still getting rebuilt, but here's a look at one of my favorite recent projects.
For more details and a link to the video, click on through!
Originally this started out as Lego Set #6511 Rescue Runabout, but we already have SO MANY fire vehicles in town--  the budget for the Bricksburgh Fire Department is, apparently, quite ridiculous-- that we decided to make the truck into a civilian version.

The overall look of the original set was vaguely Jeepish, but as we tinkered with it, it began to look more an more like an old school Land Rover Defender.   You might remember seeing those on African safari videos or animal documentaries.  Some people might see a little Ford Bronco or International Scout in the simple lines of the truck too.  We didn't do very much, but it does go to show you that a few well placed pieces can really change the character of what was, frankly, a pretty boring set to begin with.
There really aren't any special pieces in this design other than the front mounted bar.   To make your own, or just to see how the town is shaping back up (there's a brief update at the beginning of the video) be sure to click here or go over to our YouTube channel for more!

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