Friday, July 12, 2013

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

There was recently a study that said Lego faces are getting angrier.  We've noticed similar changes in the faces of Bricksburgh's citizens.  What could be causing our normally smiling people to experience such anger, fear and disdain?  Well, it turns out, the same thing that makes real people more bitter...  a crime wave.
Well, it turns out, the same thing that makes real people more bitter...  a crime wave.
As we've rebuilt Bricksburgh, the police have been trying to learn the new street layout and plan their patrols to be more effective.  Combine that with a sudden increase in tourism to the new city, including hordes of race fans and Bricksburgh is almost drowning in tourist dollars.  Unfortunately, all these changes have brought out the worst in some minifigs and crime has been rising.
Citizens and tourists alike can do their banking at our (relatively) new bank building.  Tellers are happy to assist you in whatever your needs may be.
Upstairs the bank offers tightened security around their vault.  You can rent safety deposit boxes here too.  Tyler went ahead and set up a vignette to show you how it can all go wrong...
Uh-oh.  Some thieves have jumped out and surprised a tourist who wandered into the alley between the bank and boat club.  She's wise to not fight back -- a purse is no match for a knife!
It's early morning and the streets are quiet.  The muggers are bolder when there are fewer people around.
The good news for this victim-- and the rest of Bricksburgh's honest citizens-- is that our police department is a great one.  They will work hard to end this crime wave and return the early morning streets the good and honest minifigs.  Support our local police!

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