Monday, November 2, 2020

YouTube Channel Update for October 2020: How the "Relaunch" is going and some behind-the-scenes info

When I relaunched our YouTube channel about a month ago, it was to see if giving the channel more attention would be enough to push us back into monetization under YouTube's revised rules. It wasn't about the money, it was about something (literally) bigger than that.

Having the YouTube channel making money would help me justify keeping the town assembled in this "gap decade" between my kids and my kids' kids (my grandkids). So far... it is not going well. That's not to say the town is coming down anytime soon, but the videos might be ending if there's no incentive to take the extra time to make them.

I'm not QUITE ready to give up, as there's already some planned topics as suggested BY YOU, THE PEOPLE (!) that I want to cover first. However-- and I'm being honest and transparent here-- there's little reason to go through the effort to make content that YouTube won't pay for. I'm working for them for free, basically. We need to turn this ship around-- so:
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