Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Comeback!

Who doesn't love a comeback?    We're proud to call Pittsburgh our adopted home.  This city was once a huge powerhouse that was pushed to the edge of oblivion as success moved on.  But then... IT CAME BACK.  It is now a beautiful park-filled vibrant city on the rivers.  It has exceeded its own best expectations and is continuing to rebuild itself into a gleaming jewel with big city attractions with a small town atmosphere.
Like Pittsburgh, our own Lego town enjoyed great success on YouTube but then was pushed-- literally!-- into oblivion (if you consider getting packed out of sight, oblivion).
After nearly a year in boxes, crates, and storage bins...
BRICKSBURGH IS COMING BACK!   Want to see?   Click on!

Well, here it is!  Your first look at the new Bricksburgh.   It is slowly coming together.  Now you can finally see how the tables fit together and just how much building area we have.  Much more than before!
Basically the main downtown and beach areas will be on the upper levels, just as before.  The lower levels (remember, it is two tables) will have the neighborhood, port/harbor, and the airport/spaceport complex.
The back edge of the town is completely empty at the moment.  We actually have no buildings made/acquired yet to put back here!  Even the Hot Rod Club is just temporarily placed over by the police station.
The hospital gets a much nicer setting, overall, in the new town.  Before it was unrealistically close to the beachfront, so now we've moved it more into the center of town and given it a separated circular driveway that will also have a park area.  The race car garages will actually be doubling-- we have another Victory Lap Raceway set coming our way and will be using it to expand the facilities.  Not sure what we'll do with the additional plates yet...
The business district runs down the center street in town.  On this end are offices and the bank, so far.  The new marina is also located on the waterfront here.
The primary attraction for tourists is, of course, the beachfront and boardwalk area.  We are waiting for 2 more full width beach plates to arrive before we really build this back up, but you can get an idea from this picture what we're up to.  The divided street with the planter is meant to direct all pedestrians to the main crosswalk and gate/sign for Tyler Beach.
This street will be the central business corridor.  It is also the axis on which the tables can be moved around on (or reversed).  One major change we're making is to separate the transmitter/garage portion of the TV station from the studio/newsroom/office portion.  It sits across the street and will be connected by a utility catwalk above the street.  That catwalk will eventually get signs on it also.
This is the empty backside of town.  We don't have much to add here yet, but it will be more industrial overall.  The Hot Rod Club may stay where it is loosely sitting in this picture... or it may move to the neighborhood level.  The post office and construction company will get private driveways and fenced in storage yards for their equipment.
This nice big piece of building space is already claimed for the Repair Shop.  It is currently being reconstructed, redesigned, and enlarged.  There will be a post about it very soon.
The neighborhood level is completely undeveloped so far.  We are probably going to be ordering more plates to complete it as well.  Still, you can see the buildings being set aside for use down there.  Should be plenty of room for nice big yards for everyone!
The airport layout is waiting for additional runway plates.  Those should be arriving this week.  The overall plan is to mirror what is there and fill in the holes.  The harbor/port area will then be built on the other end of that level.  None of the buildings from that area survived the move, so it will be a complete redesign.
Just another view of the tables-- they are also planned out (on the upper levels, anyway) so that the roads connect to roll them into an end-to-end configuration.  It makes for a long, skinny town-- but a great street race track!
This bald citizen of Bricksburgh is turning his back on the chaos of the streets to ponder what is "beyond" his table top existence.   That's a teaser for some of the movies we're planning to make.
So Bricksburgh is coming back.  It is also coming back just as the weather turns nice.  I took this picture downtown last week.  We'll be outside a lot more but school will also be out soon.   Tyler and Mia do most of the detail work anyway, so once the town is completely up and running again--- though it is never "done" -- we'll do a full update on it.  In the meantime, there is a video on YouTube that I also made this morning, so be sure to check that out too!

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