Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top Lug

We're big fans of BBC's "Top Gear" and have been enjoying their return to television this month.  Those of you who watch/look closely will often see white Stig or black Stig lurking in the background of our videos and pictures.   In honor of TG's superb 2nd episode of this season (which was much better than the 1st, happily), here's a clearer look at the long-gone black Stig.
I'm not sure if he's waiting for that bus or if he's waiting for a race car.  He's standing right outside the pit garages of our Speedway complex.  OH!  I just had an idea...
We're going to have a black Stig vs. white Stig bus race (since we have 2 buses).  Plans to make!  This is going to be the best Lego bus the WORLD.

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