Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making a First Impression

Slow going here this week.  We are juggling options after someone crashed into our car and we might have to replace it.
But you didn't come here to read about that so here's a little update on the Airport complex.
While the upper level of Bricksburgh has taken shape quite nicely, the lower level has been slow.  We're still working out the neighborhood (missing a few houses yet) and we still don't have the main buildings of the harbor constructed (though we are working on a massive raised structure).   The Airport complex has come together more quickly, with additions of cargo and space operations.   We still have to shoot a video on the complex but you can catch a quick look at it in the beginning of our last video: 
While the "business end" of the Airport has come together well, the public end of it is still being worked out.  As you can saw in the first picture on this post, we are creating a security gate for service traffic and also a passenger loading/unloading loop for the civilian traffic.  Parking is still being decided on (though a garage would be ideal).  We're also tinkering around with the idea of an overhead sign, welcome/message board... but it's pretty unfinished right now too.   We want it to look like a nice place to come and go from but that's pretty hard to do with so many requirements and allowances to be made for trucks, buses, and cars zooming about.   Then again, airports in the real world aren't very scenic either!

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