Monday, January 7, 2013

Coming Attractions

Happy New Year!   We trust everyone had a good holiday filled with Lego gifts-- we did!  The picture below is from a few years ago when Tyler decorated the town for Christmas.  You can see the tree in the background got some bling to go along with the police station.  This year a LOT of cool Lego sets were under our tree.  Read on for some details, including links the sets!

The first addition we'd like to mention is ANOTHER police station set-- just like the one pictured on the top.  We scored one off eBay for cheap and will be blending the two stations around an intersection plate to make  a larger police station/town hall complex.  The complex will include a lot more garage space while keeping the overall look of the early police station set.  You can see the old police station HERE.

Of course the added police facilities will be useful in protecting the growing wealth of Bricksburgh.  Those tourist dollars will be safely stored in the NEW BANK BUILDING.  We liked this set when it first came out because it was scaled and built in the style of the vintage sets but with a very modern look.  Any city you go to has these modern bank buildings mixed in with the older architecture, so adding it to our town was always a goal-- but we couldn't make use of the vehicles in the set because they are too large.  Fortunately, we were able to find JUST the building on eBay, at a much reduced cost compared to the full set.

The new Bricksburgh will be built on two separate tables.  We'll be able to reconfigure the town in several different combinations that way, but we were trying to figure a more interesting way to join them together.  Fortunately, a relatively obscure Lego set answered that question-- but they were always selling for crazy high prices!  We were patient and were finally able to grab the BRIDGE &  GONDOLA set for a good price as it was missing the Spider-Man minifig (which we didn't want for our purposes anyway).

Mia scored a beautiful and rare Paradisa collection set for Christmas, the ROLLING ACRES RANCH.  This large 2-plate set will be a focal point of one of the new levels on the Bricksburgh tables-- countryside!  Our local minifigs will be able to stable their horses with Mia's new barns and fenced fields.  This set will join with the stables already shown in our previous Bricksburgh tours.  Mia is still planning to keep her house on her private island paradise.

The biggest addition to the new Bricksburgh will be a SPACE PROGRAM!  The final flights of the space shuttles all over the US this summer made us quite sentimental.  Lego had several impressive shuttle-based sets over the years, but we believe THIS SET from 1995 to be the best of all of them.  It has the best looking shuttle (especially the tail), the most impressive launch tower, and includes a mission control booth.  Furthermore, the set with its moveable launch pad and tower cranes allows for a complete recovery and relaunch of the shuttle without having to "jump" the process around-- it all actually works!  We're very excited to add this to our airport complex.

Of course, the addition of launch pad also means our current airport fire department was quickly made too small, so we're adding the LAUNCH EVAC rescue set to keep our shuttle crew safe.  We're also assigning an additional fire marshall to keep the airport safe and he'll be driving the RESCUE RUNABOUT.

Also joining the quickly expanding airport facilities will be a new DELIVERY CENTER with an additional cargo jet.  With all the new businesses and tourists flocking to Bricksburgh we knew we would need more cargo capacity!  The improved cargo facility and space shuttle launch pads will join our old airport complex and probably result in a dedicated level on one of the new tables.

Rounding out the holiday haul of Lego gifts, we're adding a UTILITY REPAIR LIFT to keep the power humming and the extensive raceway set shown in an earlier video will be joining up with the big Octan carrier featured here on the blog with a new OCTAN RACER to tie it all together.  That'll bring the total race car complement to 7 and we'll be putting those garage plates in the middle of the new town.  The race track will be a street course along the lines of the Grand Prix of Monaco with the streets being closed off and barricaded for race weekends.  The rest of the time the pit lane plates will serve as street parking and the grandstands will offer nice views of the beach and boardwalk.   We can't wait to see the Condo Building's balconies packed with race fans!

For a video overview of some of the new sets and an updated look at where Bricksburgh is being rebuilt, check out our latest video (and subscribe to our channel):

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