Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Isle of Man... Sort of.

The annual Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race is an incredible event featuring daredevil cyclists throwing their bikes and their bodies around turns and down straights with very little separating them from certain death.  Our Lego island has a somewhat smaller (in more ways than one) version of the event.

The kids love setting up the temporary barriers and all the fans... while I (of course) specialize in making sure the TV crews are properly positioned.

You can't have a major event near a beach and NOT have an airplane zooming around overhead with a big banner on it.  It simply isn't done.

Barriers are in place and the shuttle buses have delivered all the spectators and fans.  The motorcycles themselves have left the garage area.

Like all politicians, the mayor has selected a prime spot for himself (and his limo).

One of the TV cameras is ready to capture the action (TV crews are always near the food).

You can see the start/finish line scaffold here as the fire department's entry to the race is paraded by.   That doesn't look very safe to me... 

The construction crew makes a big entrance and tries to excite the crowd.

A trick riding team shows their special skills before the race starts.

The demonstration riders amaze the crowd.

The crowd cheers for the police rider who is carried in by his comrades.

The curves present a problem for the barricades so these are unattached here.

Another TV crew captures the events from their stand.

The racers line up and move toward the start.

You didn't seriously think we wouldn't have a TV helicopter too, did you??

Every motorcycle race has a helicopter (or so it seems).

Policemen keep watch to make sure no one wanders onto the race course.

There's always someone who doesn't think the rules apply to them!

Oh no!   A crash!!

Some fans are about meet their favorite racer.

Greeting the crowd is something all riders must do. 

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