Friday, January 27, 2012

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Sorry I missed my usual posting day.  If you've been checking back you may have noticed I'm trying to put up new posts about 3 times a week.  Today being an "off" day and a "make up" day, I thought I'd show you something quite unique in our family Lego world:
We have but ONE Lego set from the "Space" theme.   Well, one complete set.   There is another partial set from a garage sale bag.   This is one of the oldest Lego sets we have too-- though as pictured here it has been heavily modified over the years.   Here's a look at the original: Set # 442   Over the years I changed this into a more robust version, added some winglets and wheels...  generally tried to morph it into something more jet-fighter-like so it would fit into the town airport area.
Unfortunately there is little way that such massive rocket engines, combined with an open cockpit, could ever hope to blend in next to the more realistic looking airliners.
Tacking on extra wheels (the only spares I had at the time) didn't do very much to help the shuttle look any less ungainly.   If you look to the left side of the picture you can see the partial Space set I mentioned earlier.  It is some kind of communications rover or something.... but many of the pieces are missing or substituted.

Another recent discovery (a Lego museum near here with per/pound pricing) has yielded an array of cockpit canopies and things like that to play around with.   There is a decent chance this shuttle will be reborn again into the most convincing jet-fighter remake yet...   but not this morning.

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