Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Can Still Hear You!

With the prospects of a quick move to a new house with an EMPTY garage gone, it is beginning to look like our Subaru will keep its loud broken exhaust until the weather gets warmer.  I'm just not a fan of crawling around on a cold driveway and scraping my dry wintered hands on rusty undercarriage bits.  So I will continue the thread I started a week or so ago and live vicariously through our trusty Lego repair shop...  where the weather is always warm enough to work outside (if you're made of plastic) and the parts just snap on and off.

Looks like the blue car had another unfriendly kiss with something that left its mark.  The lift the car on isn't actually from the repair shop, it was part of the gas station set... but when's the last time anyone had a car fixed by a gas station?!  So we moved the lift to the back side of the repair shop property.
Behind the gas station and the repair shop is a large vacant lot/parking lot for both businesses.  Usually it is full of junked cars and random parts.  I also find it a good place to park new vehicle designs while they are still being worked on because they are separated from the parts in the bins but not yet "finished" and mixed in with the town traffic.   When big vehicles need to be repaired or there are a lot of customer cars that need work, the vacant lot can get very crowded.
Sometimes a vehicle is too badly damaged to tow to the shop as it is.  As I recall, this taxi was partially sliced by an airplane wing or helicopter.  The mechanics are removing what is left of the unstable roof before towing it back to the shop for repair.  Here's video of the taxi in happier times: Taxi Tour
The cherry picker fire truck was in a severe crash on the way to a fire.   The truck clipped another car while turning at an intersection and flipped onto its side and into a building.  This mechanic is preparing the remount the windshield to the front section of the truck.
Meanwhile, this mechanic is trying to straighten and repair the bucket portion of the cherry picker trailer (you can see the edge of the parked trailer on the right side of the picture).  If you want to see what the truck looked like before the crash, check out this video: Legotown Fire Department Vehicles

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