Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sophie is our cat.  She's so intent on being near us that whenever anyone enters the room where the Lego table is she promptly jumps up and finds someplace to watch us.   Most of the time this involves sitting on someone or something on the table (she prefers the smooth streets but those are typically crowded).  Naturally, this weird behavior has brought us a lot of fun.
The hospital staff doesn't seem very alarmed by the LARGE feline in the ambulance bay.

Funny how a cat can mess up traffic.

I like the particularly evil look she has here.  Very menacing.  That is the look of a cat on the verge of mass destruction.

Run away!  Run away!

Here's a video clip of a similar attack on the town:

(Make sure you have the annotations turned on to catch the "dialogue"!)

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  1. The cat is cute and good scenes my friends ;)

  2. if you can, chech out my turtzilla in my youtube channel Alego96


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