Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Truckin'

It started simply enough.   We had two black fenders in the new style and were trying to figure out how to use them in our "classic" style town (where the vehicles are only four studs wide).  Most vehicles have at least four fenders...  so this was a puzzle.  Pawing through the parts bins and randomly snapping pieces together, we found inspiration.   We designed around the two fenders and came up with a pretty decent (and quite useful) flatbed truck.  What town can't use another dude with a truck?!
At first, the truck was a rainbow of colors and had some serious problems with its chassis but we did a quick dig through the bin and realized we had enough parts to make the truck Pittsburgh colors.
It looks great rolling around town hauling bulk cargo, pallets, boxes, tools, etc.
The size of the truck makes it easy to blend into the traffic and while it has the visible heft of a large truck it doesn't actually take up much space.

Want to see how it was put together?  I thought so.  Check out this video:

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UPDATE!   Thanks to our friend ctking1000 for posting his version of our truck (and sports car) designs:

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  1. very nice after seeing this truck i think im going to make one of these =)


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