Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEAR.... far... NEAR.... far....

Growing up I was a Sesame Street kid.  Oh sure, I watched Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, The Electric Company, Fat Albert, and the all the rest....  but I remember the Sesame Street segments better than any of the others.  Even now, decades later, I often find myself whistling jingles for letters and numbers.
Today's post is in honor of Grover.   In the days before GPS systems, we kids had two very simple ways of describing where something was and Grover taught us.   Near.   Far.   Very simple stuff.
So I'm still playing with my new lens filters and their potential for storytelling.  The limited depth of field is great because it allows us to play with things that are near...  and far.    For instance, consider this policeman:
He's already violated several department regulations regarding the appropriate use of headbands and not shaving.   He can't help it though, he's a skater on the weekends, dude.   Revisiting our police fugitive chase of a couple posts ago (, how much cooler would that story be with the new filters?
Our hero skater police man wanders into the back of the post office looking for the escaped criminals.  He gun is ready as he sweeps the darkened building looking for the trouble he can sense is nearby.

Hearing the faint static of a police radio and seeing light beams bounce off the nearby walls, the fugitives dove for the nearest corner.  A single cop was steps away from pulling the thread that would unravel their plan.

Focus makes a difference, right?  
I don't have a clever story line to go with the next two pictures... I just thought I'd show the range again. 
A lovely young woman unpacking her hairbrush in her hotel room.....
...completely unaware of how her life was about the change with the delivery of one package.

So much more to play with...  stay tuned!

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