Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Up Close and Personal

I recently purchased some new lens filters to use for making some short HD movies (hopefully!)   My problem was that I couldn't get any up close views of the Lego minifigs and that's no way to tell a story!  Imagine how boring watching any TV show would be if every shot was a full-height body shot.   Luckily I was able to address that for the low, low price of about $12.   Now I am experimenting with a whole new perspective.  Check out this car driver:
There is definitely a shortcoming to seeing the town in greater detail.  Look at this picture and let me know (honestly!) in the comments if you caught the problem before scrolling/looking down to see it:
Do you see the problem?   Look VERY closely at the woman...   closer.... closer....  her hair.    See a problem with her hair?  Okay, either she needs a serious dandruff shampoo treatment or my new "wonder filters" are picking up every molecule of DUST.  Ugh.  DUST!!  The bane of every Legotown.  Scratch that-- the bane of every Legotown's Mom's desires for a clean room.
Still, you can't argue with how close the shots can get now.   I'll just have to remember to dust every "featured" character.
These new filters look just as good shooting video.  Watch the YouTube channel as I will be posting some test video in the next month or so.  I'm still experimenting.   The irony is that the filters work best on my biggest camera....   so I can get really close, but only with something really big.   
Here's a random dude playing frisbee on the beach-- just shows that medium shots look pretty good too.   I'll post some wider shots next.  The macro filters really change the way the town looks when shot wider too.   Look for that post later this week.

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